Anonymous Targets World Cup Websites with Defacement, DDoS Attacks

Hacker group Anonymous has targeted more than 60 websites associated with the World Cup soccer tournament with distributed denial of service attacks.

Among the websites targeted by the ongoing defacement and DDoS attacks include tournament sponsor Hyundai, a state government and Brazil’s intelligence agency, according to a report by Reuters on Thursday.

An Anonymous spokesperson told Reuters that it would continue to target “companies and institutions that work with a government that denies the basic rights of its people in order to promote a private, exclusive and corrupt sports event.”

The World Cup tournament has been met with criticism from Brazilians, who have protested the government’s expenditures on soccer stadiums and infrastructure.

While Anonymous has warned of its intention to deploy DDoS attacks in connection with the World Cup for weeks, there are concerns that the organizations that could be potential targets are unprepared even though Brazil ranks seventh in terms of global IT investment, and accounts for 47.4 percent of the IT market in Latin America.

An ongoing list of targets and websites can be followed with the #OpHackingCup or #OpWorldCup hashtags on Twitter.

The string of attacks comes a month after hackers breached the foreign ministry’s email service to access dozens of classified documents, including a list of foreign dignitaries planning to attend World Cup matches.

The hacks align with past Anonymous attacks, which typically involve political motivation.