NGINX Gains Market Share in August’s Web Server Survey

Netcraft’s August 2016 Web Server Survey, released this week, shows significant losses in market share for Apache, while NGINX boosted its market share nearly across the board.

Part of the boost for NGINX comes from the Tengine web server it powers for Chinese ecommerce giant Taobao, which gained over 200,000 active websites between them in the latest Netcraft Web Server Survey.

Microsoft made major gains in the total number of sites served, while Apache fell in the total number of sites served as well as active sites and web-facing computers.

Active sites using Tengine increased by 120,000 (7.3 percent), and NGINX gained 80,000 (0.2 percent). NGINX also gained the largest number of web-facing computers for the month, with 24,000, while Apache lost 107,000 (3.8 percent), despite gaining with web hosting providers, largely due to a drop in the number of consumer network attached storage (NAS) devices in use.

The launch of the open source, security-focused NGINX Plus Release 10 this week could further boost the company’s market share. The R10 version comes with a ModSecurity web application firewall (WAF), among other new features. While the NGINX project was launched in 2002, NGINX Inc. has only been selling products since 2013. R10 marks the third server release this year for the company.

“In today’s digital environment, a security breach is incredibly costly for any organization – both in lost revenue and damaged reputation. Consumers expect organizations to keep their information safe, and simply cannot allow themselves to be susceptible to major security incidents,” Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX said in a statement. “With Web Application Firewall support and added security features in NGINX Plus we are providing additional tools to help customers keep their applications and data protected.”

NGINX has customer base has doubled over the past year to about 1,000 commercial customers, The New Stack reports, but the company intends to become a billion dollar company in the next 8 to 10 years. NGINX is focussed on growing its share of the market for enterprise and mid-market companies with mission-critical websites after receiving an $8 million investment in April.

More than 11,000 sites are already using Microsoft IIS 10.0, according to Netcraft, and almost all are using Windows Server 2016, although the server’s official launch is scheduled for the Ignite conference in September.

NGINX surpassed 28 percent of the top million busiest sites last month, while Apache, Microsoft, and Google all lost ground.