Tech Companies To Notify Users Of Government Data Requests

Some of the biggest technology companies are putting an end to complying with government requests concerning customer’s personal data by updating their policies.

According to the Washington Post, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google will be changing their policies to routinely notify users when their data is being targeted by the government, unless specifically authorized by a judge or other agency not to.

Prosecutors worry that this move could tip off criminals, allowing them to destroy evidence before officials can obtain any vital information.

“These risks of endangering life, risking destruction of evidence, or allowing suspects to flee or intimidate witnesses are not merely hypothetical, but unfortunately routine,” says the Justice Department’s spokesman Peter Carr.

Following last year’s revelations of the NSA’s spying by Edward Snowden, the tech companies say they will now ignore instructions on subpoenas that warn the companies not to notify the users of the investigation.

Google currently has a policy in place that notifies users about “legal demands” from government agencies, unless prohibited by the court.

“Later this month, Apple will update its policies so that in most cases when law enforcement requests personal information about a customer, the customer will receive a notification from Apple,” company spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said.

Microsoft and Facebook are said to be making similar changes as well.